L'Asie Dressée sur les NouvellesObservations Faites en toutes les Parties de la Terre et Rectifieés.
Date: Paris,1740 about
Cod 9409
Subject: Asia
3.000,00 €
CCopper engraving on four sheets joined and mounted on modern linen, colored, cm 86x110. The present map was created in 1740 by Jean-Baptiste Nolin II, largely based on an earlier maps produced by his father. While the geographical depiction of most of the continent is quite assured for the time, this map is one of the eighteenth-century's most fascinating experiments in cartographic speculation. Published on the very eve of Vitus Bering's voyage to Alaska and eastern Siberia, this map shows that contemporary Europeans had no real concept of what lands might have occupied these regions. North America is thus shown as reaching down to a point just north of Japan. On the other side of the continent, an absurdly large Greenland looms closely over the northern coast of Siberia to a point past Nova Zemlya. On the main map the Mariana Islands, or Nouvelle Phillipines, adorn the Pacific in a configuration consistent with the account of the Jesuit explorer Paul Clain. Curiously, the inset in the upper right corner depicts a different rendering of the same islands as suggested in a Jesuit report of 1697. Fascinating map one of the best subjects of Nolin’s legacy. Some restoration with missing part of the engraving professionally redrawn.


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