Systema Ideale Pyrophylaciorum Subterraneorum, quorum montes vulcanii, veluti spiracula quaedam existant.
Date: Amsterdam,1665
Cod 2271
Subject: Vulcanology
1.600,00 €
Copper engraving, mm 370x420, coloured by hand, from “Mundus Subterraneus”. One of the most important and vibrant maps by Athanasius Kircher. It shows a theoretical volcanic system in the earth. Kircher, who lived in Rome, had been inspired by the tremendous earthquake that hit Calabria in 1638 and the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius in 1637. The volcanic system was in the core of the Earth, connected to the surface. This system was also connected with a hydrosystem causing the movement of water to and from the surface – hence ocean currents, earthquakes, tides, and more. The earth is surrounded by clouds and cherubs blowing. The center of the Earth is a great fire. Kircher's work is revolutionary and among the first serious scientific studies of this phenomenon. He was also correct in surmising the superheated nature of the Earth's core. Very good condition, little portion of left bottom margin added.


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