Charta Cosmographica, Cum Ventorum Propria Natura et Operatione
Date: Antwerp,1544 - 1550
Cod 9818
Subject: World map
2.900,00 €
Woodcut, mm 190x274 (map) on a sheet 220x308 One of the earliest obtainable world maps not based upon the works of Ptolemy and to show the outline for the entire New World, a scarce and interesting map on a truncated cordiform (heart-shaped) projection with explanatory text on wind heads in Latin and Dutch around. Based on a lost model by Gemma Frisius and published in Peter Apian's "Cosmographia ...". Second version out of three very similar, being the first published in 1544; this second can easily be identified by the addition of names: The word Europa is now placed horizontally and the titles Angl and Scot appear against the island of Britain. South America is clearly recognisable but the northern part is shown as a narrow strip of land extending north-eastwards from Mexico and labelled "Baccalearum"- a reference to the important cod-fishing industry of the north-east coast that drew so many Europeans initially to the continent. The map is surrounded by a vividly engraved border of mythical figures, clouds and windheads, including three cadaverous wind heads representing the traditional plague-carrying winds of the south.. There are a number of small drawings of animals and ships, and even a mermaid. The heart-shaped border of the map contains signs of the zodiac. Very good condition with original vertical folds, as issued. Shirley 96


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