Ihesus…Salvator ac Redemptor noster
Date: Nuremberg,1493
Cod 0857
Subject: Jesus' life
500,00 €
Woodcuts, mm 440x280 (sheet), hand color, latin text. Very good condition. Four moments of the life of Jesus; on the left portraits including Pilato's one. From “Liber Chronicarum”, a milestone of illustrated travel-books and one of the most famous books of the 15th century. The engravings are all by Michael Wohlgemuth, teacher of Albrecht Duerer. his stepson Wilhelm Pleydenwurff and some are attributed to Duerer when he was young. The views from “Liber Chronicarum” or “Nuremberg Chronicle” as it is commonly referred to, are among the earliest realistic obtainable views in the market.


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