Planisphaerium Ptolemaicum sive Machina Orbium Mundi ex Hypothesi Ptolemaica in plano disposita
Date: Amsterdam,1661
Universe, Ptolemy
Cod 3475
Subject: Universe, Ptolemy
3.000,00 €
Copper engraving, original colour, mm 450x535. One of the most sought after iconic plates from “Atlas Coelestis Seu Harmonia Macrocosmica…" by Andrea Cellarius printed by Janssonius first in 1660 with the plates before number and again in 1661 with the plates numbered. The map illustrates the ptolemaic system of the universe. Our copy is from the first edition, second issue of 1661, numbered 1. A good copy with uniform light browning, some little repair at centerfold and some repairs in margins. Andreas Cellarius born in 1596 in Neuhausen, lived in Holland. His best known work is the Harmonia Macrocosmica, first issued in 1660 by Jan Jansson, as a supplement to Jansson's Atlas Novus. Potter: "The highpoint of celestial atlas production and the volume that ranks with Blaeu's Atlas Maior".



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