Date: Florence,1661
Albania Corfu Otranto Puglia
Cod 1782
Subject: Albania Corfu Otranto Puglia
1.200,00 €
Copper engraving, mm 425x325, from “Dell’Arcano del Mare” by Robert Dudley (1574-1649), the first world marittime atlas printed by an englishman and the first using Mercator’s projection. The chart depicts the southern part of the Adriatic Sea included part of Corfu and part of Italy (Otranto and Capo S. Maria)The charts are all original and engraved by Lucini. Robert Dudley's "Arcano del mare" is "one of the greatest atlases of the world and one of the most complex ever produced: it is the first sea-atlas of the whole world; the first with all the charts constructed using Mercator's new projection, as corrected by Edward Wright; the first to give magnetic declination; the first to give prevailing winds and currents. the first to expound the advantages of "Great Circle Sailing"; and the first sea-atlas to be compiled by an Englishman." (Lord Wardington). Very good condition with full margins.



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