Tabula anemographica seu pyxis nautical ventorum nomina sex linguis repraesentas.
Date: Amsterdam,1680 about
cod 2849
Subject: Wind rose, nautical chart
2.200,00 €
The most decorative wind chart ever printed; wind heads in successive ages are placed around the compass which is divided into 32 parts and text in six languages. This chart was first published as plate 1 in Jansonnius' 1650 Atlas Maritimus or volume 5 in his Atlantis Majoris and later in “Accurata Orbis antiqui Delineatio” by Hornius till 1741, where our copy comes from. Good condition except a professionally restored long tear in engraved area in top right margin and some small tears in upper margin. Jan Jansson or Johannes Janssonius (1588 - 1664) was born in Arnhem, Holland. He was the son of a printer and bookseller and in 1612 married the daughter of Hondius. In 1616 Jansson produced his first maps influenced by Blaeu. In the mid 1630s Jansson partnered with his brother-in-law, Henricus Hondius, to produce his important work, the eleven volume Atlas Major. About this time, Jansson's name also begins to appear on Hondius reissues of notable Mercator/Hondius atlases. Koeman, C., Atlantes Neerlandici,Me 164, 1. Van der Krogt, P. (Atlantes), volume 1, page 426. Putman, R., Eary Sea Charts, plate 6.



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