Diversi Globi Terr-Acquei Statione Variante et Visu Intercedente per Coluros Tropicorum, per Ambos Polos, et Particul. Sphaerae Zenith in Planum Delineati Orthographici Propectus.
Date: Augsburg,1730 about
Subject: worldmap
2.100,00 €
Copperplate, original colour. Mm 495x576. Very good example in fine colour. This map-world depicts the world in two hemispheres surrounded by twelve globes and twenty-four allegorical wind heads. California appears as an island, the west coast is missing, Australia is incomplete. It first appeared in Seutter's Atlas Novus between 1728 and 1730. Seutter, one of the most celebrated eighteenth century German mapmakers, after having worked with Homann in Nuremberg, started his own business in Augsburg around 1710. His maps always have elaborate cartouches and are very decorative and printed on good paper. New margins added and some restoration at corners. Phillips, Atlases 583:3 or 593:2. Shirley 578n



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