Il Vero ritratto de Zighet con Il suo Castello, fortezza nuova, Paludi, Lago fiume & ponte, & altre Cose Notabili per lettere annotate, con monstra del monte fatto da Turchi, & con l’asalto datogli da essi.
Date: Roma,1602
Zyghet Szeged
Subject: Zyghet Szeged
1.700,00 €
Engraved plan, mm 345x500. Very good copy, trimmed on neat-line, a long almost invisible professionally restored cut. The second state of Antonio Lafreri’s ( being the first dated 1566) map of the Battle of Szigetvar, which saw the death of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The battle was fought between the defending Magyar forces under the leadership of Nikola Subic Zrinski, former Ban of Croatia, and the invading Ottoman army under the nominal command of Sultan Suleiman.The map shows a meticulous image of the battle, with the Magyar forces battling from the walled castle and “fortezza nova”, defending the Ottoman forces firing across the water, with mounted horseman and canon shown. The location of the tent of Suleiman (Padiglione del gran turcho) is shown in the top of the map. The siege lasted from August 6 to September 8 1566 and though it resulted in an Ottman victory, there were heavy lossen on both sides. Both commanders died during the battle (Zrinski in the final charge and Suleiman in his tent from natural causes).



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