Il Cuscho citta principale della provincia del Peru
Date: Venice,1556
Cod 0866
Subject: Cuzco
850,00 €
Woodcut, mm 273x377. Published in third volume of Ramusio's “Delle Navigationi et Viaggi”. A very attractive and early view of Cuscho. The rare first issue in a fine example of this well-detailed bird’s-eye view of the center of Incan civilization, which is today designated as the historic capital of Peru. Published just 22 years after the Spanish conquest of the city led by Pizarro, the woodcut is one of the few extant images from the Discovery Period of an intact Incan city. The regular, geometric street pattern suggests the Incan city was built according to plan. Its most prominent feature is the temple-palace complex to the left. The city also became the center of the Spanish colonial empire in South America and would prosper. Both armored Spanish on horseback and native peoples bearing spears are depicted in the view in apparent amity. Very good condition.



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