Carte du Canal des Iles Philippines par lequel passe le Galion de Manille, et les Isles voisins de ce canal
Data: Parigi,1750 circa
cod 1244
Soggetto: Filippine
650,00 €
Copper engraving, mm 540x430. From a French edition of Anson's Voyages. This map was published in an account of Commodore George Anson's circumnavigation. The map shows the route of the Manila Galleon from Manila past Mindoro, Ramblon and Masbate to the San Bernadino Straits and the Embocadero out to the Pacific Ocean. Anson chased and captured Nuestra Senora de Cavadonga in 1743. He caught the ship before it reached Manila. This was the only one of 5 Manila galleons captured by the British that was carrying a cargo of Mexican silver. Good condition with traces of original folds.

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