Persici Sive Sophorum Regni Typus
Data: Anversa,1592
Persia Iran
Soggetto: Persia Iran
500,00 €
Copper engraving, mm 350x490, original colour. Paper oxidation, some spots mainly in margins, wavy paper. Beautiful map of Persia from “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum”, the first modern atlas of the world. It draws particularly on a map of Asia Minor by Giacomo Gastaldi from 1564, as well as Ortelius’ earlier map of Asia, dated 1567. The map shows the Persian Gulf and the eastern portion of the Arabian Peninsula. Persia is in the middle of the maps. To the east is a bit of the modern Afghanistan and Pakistan here named as parts of Tartary and India. The Caspian Sea features prominently, yet it is shown horizontally and indefinitely. Within the body of water is a block of text. It was printed in three states, although the changes between states was minimal, and appeared in atlases from 1570 until the mid-seventeenth century. Van Den Broecke 167; Cyrus Alai, General Maps of Persia. 1477-1925 (2005)

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