Accurata utopiae tabula. Das ist der neu endeckten Schalck-Welt oder des so offt benannten und doch nie erkannten Schlaraffenlandes
Data: Augusta,1760 circa
Cod 9820
Soggetto: Utopia
1.700,00 €
Copper engraving, mm 500x586, original color. A very interesting map of Utopia land on the model that Pieter Schenk first used in his “Atlas contractus” in 1700 c. Schlaraffenland is the imaginary land of idleness and luxury. The map follows the theme of Hans Sachs Der Meistersinger Von Nurnberg with a detailed and realistic-looking map of this idle and luxurious world. The map appears very similar to Homann's original concept, first published c.1716, but with more, and somewhat more refined, figures in the title cartouche decoration and at lower left. Unlike the European continent, Schlaraffenland is divided into approximately 17 countries on its mainland and additional island countries, the names of which are extremely comic today. We can find, for example, the Kingdom of Extravagance (Prodigalia Regnum), the Land of Mammon (Mammonia), the Republic of Lust (Respublica Venerea), the Kingdom of Rebellion (Superbia Regnum), the Kingdom of Dunces (Stultorum Regnum), the Land of Quarrel (Litigonia), and the Kingdom of Vitriol (Iuronia Regnum). Comic appellations are applied throughout the entire legend of the map, including on islands, mountains, rivers (Der Wein and der Bier), and cities. For example, the main inland body of water is named the Sea of Concupiscence (Venerea Meer), while islands in the sea are humorously labelled with names like Smoking Land (Schmaucherland), the Land of Snuff (Schnupferland), the Islands of Necromancy (Insulae Negromanticae), and the Island of Parasites (Schmarotz Insula) in the Sea of Trollops (Luder Meer) and Drunks (Mare Ebrium). The original complete title is "Accurata utopiae tabula. Das ist der neu endeckten Schalck-Welt oder des so offt benannten und doch nie erkannten Schlaraffenlandes, neu erfundene lächerlicheLand Tabell worinnen all und jede Laster in besondere Provintzien und Herrschafften abgetheilet – Beyneben auch die nebst angrentzenden Länder Der FROMMEN der zeitlichen AUF und UNTERGANGS auch wegen VERDERBNIS Regionen samt eine Erklärung anmutig und nützlich vorgestellt werden durch Author anonymus". Very good condition and brilliant original color.

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