Carte générale des Etats-Unis et du Mexique comprenant l’Amerique centrale et les Antilles
Date: Paris,1870
United States, Mexico
Cod 1181
Subject: United States, Mexico
350,00 €
Color litograph, mm 1050x610, very good condition. The map shows the United States during an interesting time in history. While much of the eastern half of the country is well developed, the western portion still shows unmapped regions and incomplete state boundaries. The most interesting feature in the map is the odd configuration of California and Nevada, which resulted from a misunderstanding of the boundary changes that occurred when Arizona ceded land west of the Colorado and Virgin rivers to Nevada in 1866. This map shows the Nevada/Utah border too far west and the ceded region belonging to California instead of Nevada. Dakota has yet to be divided into North and South, and the borders between Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana still have yet to come to their present. Inserts show various shipping routes between Africa, Europe and the Americas as well as the newly laid Trans-Atlantic Cables. Another insert shows the region around New York City, which had by then become one of the most active and influential cities in the World. At the bottom of the map, a reference key differentiates various European possessions within the Caribbean.


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