Regni Sinae vel Sinae propriae mappa et descriptio geographica…
Date: Nuremberg,1740 about
Cod 8979
Subject: China
750,00 €
Copper engraving, mm 590x525, contemporary color. A highly detailed, excellent map of China based on the works of Du Halde and D'Anville. The map extends from the Gobi desert in the north to Hainan island in the south and includes TAI QUAN VEL INS. FORMOSA (Taiwan). The lower portion of the work features two decorative catrouches with dragons and a phoenix. Johann Baptist Homann was born 1664. He settled his business 1702 in Nuremberg and became the most important map and atlas producer in Germany publishing his first atlas in 1707. After his death 1724, the business was run by his son Johann Christoph and later under the name Homann Heirs until the next century. Good condition and strong color.


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