Date: Venice,1556
Cod 9817
Subject: Sumatra
1.200,00 €
Woodcut, mm 273x375. Published in third volume of Ramusio's “Delle Navigationi et Viaggi”. A superb example of "the first separate map of any Southeast Asian island to be based on actual observation" (Suarez). It was based on the reports of the two Parmentier brothers, who while in residence on the island made an abortive attempt to break the Portuguese monopoly on trade in the region. The very attractive woodcut shows trees, dwellings, animals and people, and the surrounding sea is filled with ships and sea monsters. This first woodblock was destroyed in a fire soon after publication and is consequently scarce on the market; a new block was engraved for the 1565 and 1606 which is found more frequently. Very good condition. Water stain in upper margin, old ink corrections to page numbering. Early Mapping of Southeast Asia p.157, & fig.77.


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