Die Siebenbuerg so man sunst auch Transsylvaniam nenne.
Date: Basle,1580 about
Transylvania Romania
Subject: Transylvania Romania
260,00 €
Woodcut, hand colour, mm 310x360 (woodcut) on a sheet of mm 430x355, good copy with some paper discolorations in bottom corners and top margin. Map of Transilvanya by Sebastian Muenster (1488-1552), from "Cosmographiae Universalis" printed for the first time in 1544 by Heinrich Petri, has been updated and increased for several times with new geographic maps and views of cities, it had numerous editions in different languages: latin, italian, french, english and czech. It passed trough 24 editions in about 80 years. This success was due to the notable woodcuts, some by Hans Holbein the younger, Urs Graf, Hans Rudolph Deutsch, and David Kandel.


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