Die erst General Tafel / Die Beschreibung und den Circkel des gantzen Erdcrichs und Meers innhaltende.
Date: Basle,
cod 1240
Subject: worldmap
1.500,00 €
Woodcut, mm 245x383. From a german edition of Sebastian Münster's Cosmographey oder beschreibung aller Länder, published by Heinrich Petri in Basel An attractive example of Sebastian Munster's 1588 map of the world. Munster presents us with an expansive view the world with a number of interested cartographic features. Along the bottom of the map the dramatic unknown southern continent (Terra Australis Nondum Congnita) stretches to include the discovered lands of Tierra de Fuego and what appears to be a proto-Australia. South America bears the characteristic western budge in the vicinity of Chile that appeared on many early maps. The cartographer also maps a impressive and seemingly navigable northwest and northeast passages. The map is oval in form and surrounded by elaborate vine and leave engraving. German text appears above and below the map proper describing the lands contained. The verso contains German text describing the earth. The title appears over the map in German text of a Gothic ethic. Very good condition apart two insignificant tiny worm holes and some light paper oxidation.


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