Globus terrestris ad sphaeram obliquam delineatus. Globus coelestis cum astrodictico artificiali iunctus.
Date: Augsburg,1750 about
Cod 1780
Subject: Globes
1.200,00 €
Copperplate, original colour, mm 490x583. At bottom technical descriptions in latin and german of the two globes. From “Atlas novus” and “Grosser Atlas”. Very good condition. Lotter run then the business using mostly Seutter's plates but adding some new ones also. Seutter, after having worked with Homann in Nuremberg, opened his own activity in Augsburg around 1720. His maps always have elaborate cartouches and are very decorative and printed on good paper. Lotter married Seutter's daughter in 1740 and succeeded him in 1756.


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