Historiae mundi libri XXXVII denuo ad vetustos codices collate, et plurimis locis emendati, ut patet et adjunctis adnotationibus…
Date: Basilae,Froben,1545
Cod 6345
1.600,00 €
2° (mm 350x243); 18 unnumbered leaves, pages 671, (1), endpapers 30 (adnotationes), 78 (index); eighteenth-century parchment binding with remnants of a gusset on the spine, cuts spattered with red. Old bookseller's label "Domenico Cesconi Negoziante di Libri Antichi e Moderni in Verona ... 1838". Pages a little yellowed or lightly browned, some minor marginal restoration, lamp oil halo to fascicle N (p. 421 ff.), to the two final fascicles and in the margins of fascicles O-P, restored tear to Ii1 (p. 649), and other minor traces of use and time, a few abrasions to the edges. A good copy of this Plinian edition, a milestone of classical scientific literature, the oldest encyclopaedic-scientific work that has come down to us from antiquity, which influenced the knowledge of mankind until the Middle Ages, and one of the most important productions to come out of the Venetian printer's presses. The work is a true encyclopaedia of knowledge, covering mathematics, physics, cosmography, zoology, agriculture, botany, mineralogy, metallurgy, geography, anthropology, physiology and art history. One of the first scholastic texts in the vernacular language edited by Cristoforo Landino (first edition published in 1476).



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