Pomponius Mela. Iulius Solinus. Itinerarium Antonini Aug. Vibius Sequester. P. Victor de regionibus urbis Romae. Dionysius Afer de Situ orbis Prisciano interprete.
Date: Venetiis ,in Aedibus Aldi, et Andrea soceri, mense Octobre MDXVIII.,1518
Cod 6606
Matter: geography
2.000,00 €
8° (mm 155x100); cards numbered 233, cards no. 3 of which the first contains the register, the second is blank and the third the aldine anchor; aldine anchor on title page; cursive font.Full parchment 17th-century semi-rigid vellum with smooth back and manuscript title on the back. The only Aldine edition edited by Gian Francesco d'Asola. Aldo's brother-in-law, one year later than that of Giunta di Firenze; six texts from antiquity by the Latin geographer of the 1st century AD (born in Tingentera in Betic Spain) are gathered here, all of which, with the exception of Mela's De situ Orbis and Solinus's Polysthor, descriptive of the ancient world, are first editions.Dionysius Aphro's treatise is cosmographic, but the most interesting work among them is undoubtedly, for its wealth of archaeological information, Publius Victor's De origine Urbis Romae, a sort of guide to the city.A fine genuine copy, with a slight initial halo, possession notes on the title-page, which has a reinforcement on the verso and is partially detached. A few faults on the spine. Renouard, p. 83, 6. Adams M-1053; Rossetti 6917, G-231.



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