Viaggio da Lima ad alcune tribù barbare del Perù e lungo il fiume delle Amazzoni
Date: Genoa,Ponthenier,1854
South America
Cod 3947
Subject: Amazon river
800,00 €
In 8°(mm 230x153); pp. XVI, 115, (4). Complete with 9 f.t. copper-engraved plates depicting natives of the various parts of Peru in their characteristic costumes. Contemporary half leather with marbled plates. First Italian and partly original edition of this rare and interesting work from 1849 published in Spanish in Lima in twelve chapters. It describes the city, and then, starting from Callao on 29 August 1845, the missionary journey to Andoas in the Maynas region and then across the Amazon to Pará where he arrived on 22 October 1851 before embarking for Lisbon. The first edition was published in Spanish before the end of the journey, so this Italian edition has some unpublished parts. Very interesting is the last chapter with the natural-historical notes in which he describes animals including the tapir, llama, anteater, crocodile, iguana and many others, and plants. Of particular interest are the plates with men and women from the various Indian tribes. Good copy with scattered light soiling, some superficial soiling, a lack at the bottom corner of page 1, spots at the errata corrigue, plate 1 with a red ink stain, worn edges, guard sheets with drawings and annotations, some underlining. Translated with (free version)



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