Dante con l’espositioni di Christoforo Landino, et D’Alessandro Vellutello. Sopra la sua Comedia dell’Inferno, del Purgatorio, e del Paradiso, con tavole, argomenti, e Allegorie; & riformato, riveduto, & ridotto alla sua vera lettura, per Francesco Sansovino Fiorentino.
Date: Venice,Giovan Battista Marchio Sessa e Fratelli,1578
Matter: literature-illustrated
7.000,00 €
In folio (mm 320x220); papers (28 including the title page), 163, (4), 164 - 392 (i.e. 396). Text framed by comments in two columns. Magnificent portrait of Dante within a rich medallion with cherubs and garlands in the Vasari style, in woodcut on the frontispiece, (edition of the “Nasone”); refined drop caps decorated within large vignettes, elegant mastheads (the first to reflect the Sessa editorial brand within a medallion with motto and grotesques), editorial brand repeated on the colophon, all finely engraved in wood; 99 woodcut illustrations in the text (three of which are full page) + 10 large description panels in the text at the beginning of hell. Dedication by G. Ant. Rampazzetto to Prince Guglielmo Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua & Monferrato. The text of the «Comedy» is based on the famous Aldine of 1502; it is in elegant italics surrounded by comments in Roman style, by Landino in the left column and by Vellutello in the right; a comparison between different interpretations between the thought of the fifteenth century commentator and that of the sixteenth century commentator. The engravings are taken from the edition by Marcolini (an excellent draftsman and friend of Titian and Sansovino) of 1544 and already used by Sessa in the 1564 edition. Full eighteenth-century rigid parchment, title stamped in gold on a golden insert on the spine. Spray cuts. Second printing of Marchio Sessa, which is the third edition with the combined comments by Landino and Vellutello, combined for the first time in the 1544 edition. Important and rare edition of Dante both for the accuracy of the typographical appearance and for the care given with great finesse from writers of great standing such as Francesco Sansovino, Christoforo Landino and Alessandro Vellutello; had great credit so much so that it was replicated in 1596. Minimal restorations to the parchment of the front plate, very well done Nice example. It has slight and occasional browning on pages 148-149, 155/158, 172/173, 196/197, 219/222, 236/237; stain on page 135, small holes restored on the frontispiece. Mambelli, n. 52; Adams, D111.



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