Del ghiaccio e della coagulazione Trattati. (Ice and coagulation Treaties)
Date: Rome,1681
Cod 6086
Matter: medicine
1.000,00 €
In 4° (mm 220x155); cc. no. 4, pp. 230, cc. no. 4 of index. Contemporary vellum with gold title on spine tassel. Very good copy with some slight reddening of the paper. A rather rare first edition of this well-known work on chemistry and physics; it also covers the sea and contains two chapters, X and XVIIII on wine and beer: "l'aggelarsi del vino e delle parti serose che sono in lui. Separately and jointly of the spirits of beer and wine when the casks are chilled'. The Ferrarese Jesuit Bartoli (1608-Rome 1685) was the author of numerous works of various kinds, from scientific to moral, from historical to geographical. Parenti 62, Gamba 1776; Vinciana 1513



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