Trattato curioso di matematica nel quale col mezzo di tre instrumenti cioè del barometro, termometro ed igrometro si può conoscere, e misurare il peso, la leggerezza, il caldo, il freddo, la secchezza e l’umidità dell’aria. Opera tradotta dal francese coll aggiunta di alcune memorie concernenti tal materia tratte dalla Storia dell Accademia Reale di Parigi, e da altri Autori moderni.
Date: Venice,Recurti,1753
Cod 3751
Subject: Science
700,00 €
In 8° (mm 170x110); allegorical engraved additional title, pp. 7, (1), 298 (with numerous misprints) numbered 1-256 and 297-338 (pp. 257-296 omitted from numbering), 3 cc.nn. With 12 folded f.t. plates depicting the instruments mentioned. Contemporary binding in full leather with gold title on brown label, minimal tdefects and traces of time. Red coloured cuts. Excellent condition. Rare first Italian translation of this work on barometers, thermometers and hygrometers previously published in Holland under the title "Traitez des barometres, thermometres et notiometres ou hygrometres" (Amsterdam, 1688). It also contains contributions by Renè-Antoine Ferchault de Rèaumur, Gabriel Philippe de La Hire and other scientists of the time. Joachim d'Alencé (ca. 1640-1707), French astronomer and physician, was in contact with Oldenburg, Huygens and Leibniz. DSB III, p.534: "His detailed description of the principal meteorological instruments of the period is enriched with several new ideas, such as the calibration of the thermometric scale on the basis of two points of change of state: the point at which water freezes and - a much more contestable point - that at which butter melts." Riccardi I, 556: "It includes some problems of mathematical physics and some memoirs extracted from Bernouilli, La Hire and Cassini."



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