Du pouvoir executif dans les grands etats.
Date: (Paris),(Plassan),1792
Cod 3772
800,00 €
Two volumes in 8° (mm 210x130), pp. (4), 407, (1); (4), 367, (1). Elegant contemporary marbled full leather, spine in neoclassical style with compartments and rich gilt friezes, executed with rollers and small irons, internal dentelles with gilt frieze, titles and volume number on green morocco tassel. Red cuts and marbled decorated title pages. Beautiful, virtually perfect copy. Rare original edition of this important political work by Necker, in which he celebrates executive power 'Le pouvoir exécutif est la force motrice d'un gouvernement; il représente, dans un système politique, cette puissance mystérieuse qui, dans l'homme moral, réunit l'action à la volonté' (p.15 ) and compares it to the various modern nation states, criticising the new French constitution 'Que la liberté françoise a introduit les plus grandes inégalités'; the first four chapters of the second volume are devoted to the American constitution. (Henri Grange, Les Idées de Necker, p. 63): 'Cette œuvre mériterait une place dans l'histoire des doctrines politiques, en tant que théorie du pouvoir dans les sociétés bourgeoises' Jacques Necker (1732-1804), a famous economist from Geneva, was finance minister to Louis XVI and held numerous high political posts, but failed to combine his great qualities as an economist with a dynamic political pragmatism. This important work is dedicated to the role of executive power and the separation of powers in modern nations. Of particular interest are the chapters dedicated to the comparison between the French and English political systems and that of the United States, the figure of George Washington, the American constitution and finally the US federal experience. Einaudi, 4100, Goldsmiths, 15477, Martin & Walter 25702, INED 3369, Einaudi 4100, Monglond II.528, not in Kress, not in Sabin.



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