Aegyptus Antiqua
Date: Antwerp,1584
Subject: Egypt
2.400,00 €
Copper engraving, original color, mm 790 x 480. Ortelius updated an earlier version of the map first issued in 1576 for the historical section (Parergon) of the Theatrum, and appeared in only a few editions being replaced by a single sheet map in 1595. Peter Meurer of the University of Utrecht has rightly described this map as "an outstanding example of early scientific research on Egypt" - Ortelius' scholarship was never more apparent than in the extensive research he conducted over a 20 year period working on this map. The harmonious aesthetic composition, superb engraving work and generous size also makes this one of the most visually stunning of all Ortelius maps. General good condition, but oxidated in counterpart; two lacks restored.



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