Carte Generale du Canada, de la Louisiane, de la Floride, de la Caroline, de la Virginie, de la Nouvelle Terre Par Le Sr. D'Anville . . .
Date: Venezia,1776
Canada, Grandi laghi, Mississipi
Cod 2703
Subject: Canada, Grandi laghi, Mississipi
650,00 €
Copper engraving, mm 675x495, hand coloured. From “Atlas Universel” published in Venice between 1776 and 1784. Second edition of Santini's map of the British & French Colonies in North America, based upon D'Anville's seminal map of 1746. It focuses on Great Lakes and Mississippi Valley and is considered one of the best large format maps of the region of the period. The map was first issued in 1775, but our example bears the new date of 1776. Paolo Santini (1729-1793) venetian engraver, largely adopted and adapted the work of his French counterparts, especially De Vaugondy. McCorkle, B.B. (New England) 776.3; Sellers & Van Ee #136.



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