Hemisphaerium Coeli boreale (with) Hemisphaerium Coeli australe
Date: Nuremberg,1742
Celestial Charts
Subject: Celestial Charts
2.000,00 €
Couple of copper engravings, mm 500x590, original hand colour, from “Atlas coelestis”, very good condition, wide margins and somewhat light impression. Fine charts depicting all of the celestial constellations visible from the Northern and southern Hemisphere as observed by Doppelmayr in the year 1730 including all twelve of the zodiacal signs and other prominent formations such as Ursus Major, Pegasus and Hercules, amongst many others. In the corners they show the most important observatories of the time: the observatory of Tycho Brahe on the island of Hven built in 1576, the specula of Paris (1667), Hevelius’ observatory in Gdansk (1650), Nuremberg (1678), London (1666), Copenhagen (1642), Cassel (1714) and Berlin. Very good condition. Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr (1677-1650) was born in Nuremburg and educated at the University of Halle. He returned as professor of mathematics at the Aegidian Gymnasium in Nuremberg acquiring an international reputation.



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