La Valachia divisa ne suoi distretti
Date: Siena,1790
Cod 2565
Subject: Valachia
300,00 €
Copperplate engraving, 235x320 mm, contemporary hand colour. Beautiful specimen with a very slight hint of humidity at the upper margin. Taken from Atlante Geografico, in itself a collection of maps that developed into the Atlante generale by Bartolomeo Borghi, considered one of the best cartographers of the time, born near Perugia in 1750. He collaborated with Zatta on the Tosco-Umbro part of the Atlante Novissimo and in the Atlante geografico published by Pazzini Carli between 1798 and 1800 Borghi drew most of the maps, before devoting himself to his own atlas published in Florence in 1819. A sort of dress rehearsal, the latter, for his most important work, that Atlante generale dell'ab. Bartolommeo Borghi, published in Florence in 1819, which reflected the new geo-political order implemented by the Congress of Vienna.



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