Brabantiae Belgarum provinciae recens ex actaque des(c)riptio.
Date: Antwerp,1593
Cod. 1999
Subject: Brabant
2.000,00 €
Copper engraving, mm 364x505, original color. The map derives from Deventer’s first map of Brabant which had been published in Antwerp in 1546, whose last known example was destroyed during the second world war. The original map by Deventer had been reduced, engraved in copper and published by Tramezino in 1556, with a second Tramezino state appearing in 1558. The Tramezino map, printed in Venice, was the base for De Jode’s map. Gerard De Jode was a competitor of Ortelius, active in the same period; but his atlas 'Speculum Orbis Terrarum' did not enjoy the same commercial success as Ortelius and now-a-days his maps are much rarer than Ortelius’ ones. After the death of Gerard in 1591, the business was carried on by his widow and his son Cornelis, who re-issued the Speculum in 1593, most plates were newly engraved, and therefore making those of the first edition extremely rare. A very good example in its original antique color.



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