Isola di Corsica. Carta Corografica divisa nelle respettive Province, estratta accuratamente dalle piu esatte Carte, e approvata da molte pratici del Regno, fatta / per uso dell’ Istoria di questo Regno. Scritta dall Ab. Giovacchino Cambiagi Fiorentino l'Anno MDCCLXXI.
Date: Florence,1771
Cod 7896
Subject: Corsica
2.800,00 €
Copper engraving, image size: 65 x 38 cm. Rare large map of Corsica from “Istoria del Regno di Corsica” by Gioacchino Cambiagi (1740-1801), published in four volumes between 1770-72. Very good condition with printer’s soft folds The map shows with high detail cities, villages, borders, roads and much more and is embellished by ships and two cartouches and a coat of arms. Cambiagi was born in Florence and probably related to the famous Florentine publisher Gaetano Cambiagi. In 1775 he published a book on a history of Sardinia. (Biographie universelle, ancienne et moderne: supplement 60, p. 21). Not much is known about the engraver Gaspero Picchioni, who can be only associated with this map of Corsica. Two copies of the map are recorded in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris but not in other libraries; only a few copies of the book worldwide. Cervoni, Images de la Corse, 110, image p. 152.



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