Hungaria regnum
Date: Amsterdam,1650 about
Cod 2560
Subject: Hungary
480,00 €
Copper engraving, mm 420x515, latin text on verso. Good condition. A good example of Blaeu’s map of HUngary, enriched with a decorative cartouche. W. Blaeu, born in Alkmaar in 1571, studied astronomy by Tycho Brahe and founded a business in 1599 as a globe and instrument maker. He immediately expanded the business publishing maps and in 1630 the first atlas “Atlantis appendix” and five years later the “Atlas novus“. After his death in 1638, his son Joan reached publication of the major work of the family, the “Atlas maior” in 11 volumes. In 1672 a great fire destroyed the Blaeu’s printing house.



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