Zante insula posta nel mare Mediterraneo...
Date: Venice,1575 about
Subject: Zakyntos
500,00 €
Copper engraving, mm 180x215 (on sheet mm 190 x265). Rare first state before the number. From Camocio's "Isole Famose". This work, as was usual for Camocio and his other contemporary publishers, was on the market as loose map and later included in the "Isole famose, porti, fortezze e terre marittime sottoposte alla Serenissima Signoria di Venetia, ed altri Principi Christiani, et al Signor Turco, nouamente poste in luce. In Venetia alla libreria del segno di San Marco". The issue with the numbers are, instead, those inserted in the editions of the book published by Donato Bertelli - showing the imprint In Venetia alla libreria del segno di San Marco. This edition, although without date, dates back to after 1575, the year in which the Camocio disappeared during the pestilence epidemic in Venice and much of its typography was acquired by Bertelli. Zacharakis (1992) 508; (2009), 782; Bifolco-Ronca (2018), 788



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