Li Regni di Valenza e Murcia con l’isole Balòeari e Pitiuse di nuova projezione.
Date: Venice,1776
Levante, Valencia, Baleari
Cod 5791
Subject: Levante, Valencia, Baleari
300,00 €
Copperplate engraving, mm 290x390; sheet mm 386x500, period colour on laid paper with water mark. Bottom right a pleasant. Antonio Zatta (1775-1797) was one of the most important map publishers of late 18th century Italy. His work constitutes an important point of transition between ancient and modern cartography, more attentive to the accuracy of geographical details than to aesthetic embellishment rich in mythological motifs or invention, as was the case in the previous era. His most important work is Atlante novissimo published between 1775 and 1789. The illustrations were drawn by collaborators such as Giovanni Marco Pitteri, Anton Friedrich Busching, Pietro Antonio Novelli, and engraved by Giuliano Zuliani. Excellent full-margin copy.



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