Nova Carte Del Muy Podroso Reyno d'Espania
Date: Antverp,1639
Iberic peninsula, Spain
Cod 5886
Subject: Iberic peninsula, Spain
7.000,00 €
Copper engraving, 420x560 mm, watercolour, second state of three. Very rare map of the Iberian peninsula enriched with costumes and views of towns in the classic Dutch style of "cartes a figures". This map, initially published in 1629 and completely surrounded on four sides by decorative elements typical of the style inaugurated by Van den Keere, is dated 1639 and is a variant of the first state, after the reduction of the plate, thus without the lower border of the city views. The plate is surrounded by a frame of city views at the upper edge with views of Toledo, Burgos, Madrid, Sevilla, Valla Dolid, Granada and Barcelona. The side borders show representatives of the three main social classes, on the left: Nobilis Hispanus; Nobilis Femina; Lusitanus Mercator; Rustica Hispana. Right: Nobilis femina; Nobilis in Castilia; Lusitani Mercatoris; and Rusticus Communis. Cartouche in the top right-hand corner with the measurement scales and symbols used in the map. The Seas are decorated with sailing galleons, sea monsters and compass rose. The rich and decorative cartouche on the lower right surrounded by coats of arms and the arms of the 16 provinces with a crowned lion and sword, to the left of the cartouche engraved in the plate 'Petri Verbist Antwerpianensiv fecit ed excud. 1639". Good overall condition but with several professional restorations. These include a partial reinstatement of the upper margin and a total integration of the lower margin: the plate having been cut, the paper was edited without the margin and the outer border. There is also an addition to the top central fold and various reinforcements.



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