Conserva Tempus et devita a Malo. Chronoscopium encyclicum quod tempus quodvis horarium diurnum et annuum cum varijs alys tempori connexis veterum astrologorum vaniis observantis facile indagari potest pro latid 50 grad.
Date: Nuremberg,1696
1.500,00 €
A Baroque period wheel chart (volvelle) published in Specula Physico-Mathematico-Historica, an encyclopedia of science by the german monk Johann Zahn. When constructed as a wheel chart, the concentric circles would be independently rotated to indicate hours, days, and months for specific events. Interesting complex concentric table showing an interpretation of Ovid's Four Ages of Man broken down by the four seasons, four temperaments, celestial movements, Roman months, and zodiac calendar, among other 17th century scientific observations, ending with a thoughtful quotation by the Roman poet, Cornelius Galus (70BC -26BC), "Cuncta trahit fecum vertitque volubile tempus nec patitur certa currere quemque via". Generally very good condition except a restoration at centerfold.



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