A new mappe of the Romane Empire.
Date: London,1611 - 1612
Roman empire
Cod 8687
Subject: Roman empire
1.500,00 €
Copper engraving, mm 395x510, colored. Decorative "carte a figures" based on Ortelius’ one and adapted by John Speed as a "carte-a-figures",with 10 costumed figures and 6 town vievs (Rome, genoa, Jerusalem, Venice, Istanbul and Alexandria) along the top, flanked by medallion portraits of "Rome" and "Romulus". Figures at each side display various nationalities, albeit in "modern" as opposed to Roman costume. Speed (1552-1629) printed the Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine and (in 1627) A Prospect of the most famous parts of the world, which is the first atlas of the world ever printed by an Englishman. Fairly good condition, minor restoration in the text inset at bottom, left and bottom margin added, some restoration in left bottom corner.



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