La descrittione del Piamonte…
Date: Venice,1567
Subject: Piedmont
9.000,00 €
Copper engraving, mm 247x482. Rare “Lafrery”map in his only state. It goes back to Salamanca “El Piamonte” of 1553. Paolo Forlani, native of Verona, was active in venice between 1560 and 1574, as an engraver and publisher. He often worked with Gastaldi, engraving 13 maps drawn by him. His most important work is “Il primo delle città, et fortezze principali del mondo”, the first organic collection of town plans ever produced in Italy in 1566-67. It’s very likely that he died in 1575-76. Almagià, Monumenta Italiae Cartographica, pag. 16-17; Meurer, Strabo illustratus, 71; Perini, L’Italia e le sue regioni nelle antiche carte geografiche, pag. 42; Bifolco-Ronca, Cartografia rara italiana, XVI secolo, L’italia e i suoi territori, 41; Valerio, L’Italia e le sue regioni nella bottega dell’incisore, 11.



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