Totius europae littora novissimè edita. Pascaert vertoonende alle de See-Custen van Europa
Date: Amsterdam,1745
Cod 2772
Subject: Europe
6.000,00 €
Copper engraving, mm 505x895, original color. Decorative sea chart showing the coasts from Africa an area from Morocco to the Spitsbergen islands Iceland and Nova Zemlja; orientated with north to the right and with two large cartouches, in left part an inset shows the eastern part of the Mediterranea sea; one of the most decorative nautical charts of the whole century, published in “Atlas der Zeevaart” based on the previous De Wit’s map. After his De Wit the plates of the charts were bought by Louis Renard; he published them with some corrections. The Ottens later bought the plates of the atlas and issued it first in french in 1739 and later, in 1745 in dutch adding for the first time their own names in the plates. Very good condition.



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