Sic canibus celeries agitant in retia cervos. InqR fere timidum iactant venabula pectus
Date: London,1578 - 1817
Cod 7007
Subject: Deer hunting
300,00 €
Burin, Original colour, from «Venationes ferarum, avium, piscium, pugna bestiarum, depictae a Joanne Stradano, editae a Philippe Gallaeo» originally published in 1578. Mm 218x290. Good example with some paper discoloration mainly in margins.Second state out of two with arab numbers bottom left, signed bottom right “Ioan. Stradanus invent. Ioan. Galle excudit”. The first edition of this series was published in Antwerp by Philippe Galle in 1578. Our edition offers a new issue of this admirable hunting book, realized in 1817 in London. This reissue of 102 original engravings, on Whatman paper, presents the same characteristics than the 1578 edition: each plate bears a Latin caption of two or four lines and the inscription “Stradanus invent”. Only differs the dedication to the Duke Cosimo de’ Medici which doesn’t appear on the frontispiece. “A later issue was published with engraved frontispiece and 102 pls (out of the 104 pls. of the first edition).” (Schwerdt). Jan van der Straet (1523-1605), better known as Stradanus, worked most of his life in Italy as an engraver and designer for the tapestry workshops. From 1553 to 1571, he was in service to Cosimo I de’ Medici, he tackled the creation of hunting and fishing representations meant to decorate the palace of Poggio a Caiano. The Venationes commemorate the tapestries executed by Stradan and showing the traditional hunting. Schwerdt, II, p. 228.



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