Ailhae cidade de Goa metropolitana da Indiae partes orientais que esta…
Date: Frankfurt,1613
Cod 7446
Subject: Goa
900,00 €
Copper engraving, hand color, mm 385x424. Decorative fascinating bird-eye view of Goa, based upon the previous print by Jan Linschoten "one of the pathfinders for the first Dutch voyages to the East" (Schilder, p. 195), who had spent 6 years in Goa between 1583 and 1589 where he had access to secret information, including nautical maps of the area On the way to Portugal his ship lost its cargo in a storm while anchored off the Azores and Linschoten spent two years on Tercera, eventually arriving in Lisbon early in 1592, and then sailed home to The Netherlands. His account is one of the most important travel works of the period and was republished by De Bry in 1613. Theodor de Bry (1528-1598) was a prominent Flemish engraver and publisher best known for his engravings of the New World. Born in Liege he fled to Strasbourg, where he studied under the Huguenot engraver Etienne Delaune. In 1590 he began to publish his Les Grands Voyages, that contained important engraved images of the New World; he also published Les petit Voyages which focuses on east Asia.



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