Nuova pianta elevata della nobile e cospicua città di Venezia
Date: Venice,1770 about
Cod 8233
Subject: Venice
6.000,00 €
Copper engraving, two sheets joined together, mm 575x975. An amazing large bird-eye view of Venice. Furlanetto has been active publisher and dealer of prints in Venice, between 1763 and 1784. The print is dated 1770 c. because it appears on the request of printing privilege in 1779. This fascinating plant is executed on the prototype of Stefano Scolari's 1677, with some variants such as the omission of the maple and the addition of new typographical elements. Cassini notes that in a picture of Francesco Guardi there is a great view of Venice "which is nothing more than a very faithful copy of the plant described here." Furlanetto's large plan of the lagoon includes the surrounding islands such as San Giorgio, Torcello and Murano. A variety of small and large sailing ships and gondolas are shown in the waters. Churches, eminent places and waterways are named. The few people illustrated in the view are involved in work such as building gondolas or chopping wood. Very good state of preservation, copy with small margins. Moretto, Venetia le immagini della Repubblica, 179; Cassini, Piante e vedute prospettiche di Venezia, 85; Marinelli, Saggio di cartografia Veneta 1881, n. 1386; Romanelli-Biadene, Venezia Piante e Vedute, 1982, n. 85.



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